When LIFE Triggers You

November 18, 2017

Listen to this to apply to life when someone is TRIGGERING you. It certainly happens to us all, and its so easy to externalize it, to blame, shame, dream up revenge, or to get small and shrink away. This is a SHORT (5:52) meditative contemplation with gentle music, to have as an anchor when you are spinning. How to get back to gratitude for the life thats here, helping us to remember our wholeness? 

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Focus on the Foundation

November 13, 2017

As we build our meditation practice, it is important that we first build a solid foundation, and even if it's been established, that its revisited frequently. That's what we will do together, here. Let's see that our foundation is in integrity! Establishing focus, so that we may carry our practice into each moment of our days. A twelve minute practice. 

Thank you for practicing. 

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Contemplating an Embodied Life

November 11, 2017

As we deepen into our personal human experience, through the body's sensations, we create space for life to truly embody and flow through. In this contemplation, we breathe space into our bodies and into our unique expeience, inviting the lens of interconnectivity and nonpersonal human beingness, thus creating more peace, more ease, more relaxation into our bodies. 

Thank you for listening to this 9 minute offering, for contemplating, and for deepening into your inner wellspring of peace with the life that's here

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Purpose Through Relaxation

November 7, 2017

Find your life's purpose through deep, embodied relaxation. Here, Destiny Love, will guide you into that potent space of inner peace, where all beneficial creation births from. A twelve minute meditation, with contemplation throughout. 

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The Body of Pleasure

November 6, 2017

This is an active meditation, where you will utilize a simple sound to access joy and pleasure within your body.

The body is a channel. It is a vessel. It is full of sensation! It is sensational! This meditation will help you to tune into the pleasure available within your body, within your experience. Here, you will give yourself 14 minutes of thoroughly enjoying yourself today.